Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Day 10. . . .

LILLY is a superstar! She worked hard again today. We had a super busy day at school. It was a full moon and boy did we know it in my classroom-- several seizures, lots of extra adults, a pulled out feeding tube, and a fire drill to mention a few things. Of course LILLY stayed right with me the whole time. She looked up at me several times today as if she was begging me to let her lay down! After work I had a facial appointment and LILLY went right in and laid under the table for the entire hour. My grandmother and I then ran by the grocery store to pick up Frosty Paws and a few other things to celebrate LANIE'S 4th birthday. :) LILLY was great in the grocery store--- she needed a few reminders to help her not eat the many things on the floor, but other than that it is getting much easier to take a dog shopping.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANIE!! We attempted to take a picture of all three dogs eating their Frosty Paws, but all of their eyes turned out super freaky-- so no picture tonight.

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