Sunday, March 28, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Day 6 & 7. . . . .

Whew. . . . . .we made it through our first weekend "umbilical corded" together. I must say it was a little tougher than what I expected. I have now realized that the weekends tend to bring more challenges than our typical week days. I will say we made it through and I do believe we are stronger and more bonded because of it! :)
Saturday was a nice relaxing day so Kyria, Paul, and I decided to take the dogs to the park. I was determined to walk both dogs by myself at the park. Well for those of you who know and love our dear LANIE you know how much she loves the park, therefore me walking them both by myself didn't happen this trip. LILLY was also pretty excited about the trip to the park. She did good, but needed constant reminders to focus on me. I must give Paul some props because he handled LANIE beautifully in the park. :) He was so patient with her. I know deep down he really does love the dogs.

Saturday night Paul and I were guest speakers at a True Love Waits conference. We had committed to this night long before LILLY was scheduled to come to us. It was a sit down dinner for mothers and their sons. It was really a nice program and set up. LILLY went right in and straight under the table. Paul was up socializing and saying hello to everyone while LILLY and I just waited at the table. When it was time for us to get up to speak LILLY came out from underneath the table and most everyone was shocked! They truly had no idea she was even in the room. While we spoke she stood up on stage with us. This was a real tough thing for her. The speakers were right in front of her. She never really got settled the whole time we were speaking. As soon as we were done speaking right back under the table she went! To make the whole situation even more of a challenge-- while we were eating I dropped my entire cup of salsa on the floor right beside of LILLY. So when we got up to go to the stage she had to walk right over the food on the floor. She did amazing!! YAY!

Today was filled with various activities. We started off the morning by going to church. LILLY was an "angel" during the lesson. She laid right under my feet and only moved when the mood changed in the room. She looked up to me as if she was asking "what should I do Mom?" Once I shook my head at her she immediately laid right back down.

After church Kyria and I headed to shop for a little bit. LILLY was great! However, at one point during our shopping experience I stepped right on her poor little paw. She sure let me know in the middle of DSW that it hurt. I felt so bad! I will say that she was much more aware of where I was stepping from that point on. :)

Now the real challenge of today was a trip over to Paul's parents house for a family birthday party for our sister-in-law. Paul's brother and his wife have two small children and they also had some friends in town with a baby. So LILLY quickly got to meet a 3 1/2 year old, a 14 month old, and a 10 month old. Of course they all had lots and lots of toys and balls that were going in every direction. This was super hard for LILLY and myself. I had to learn really fast when to correct, when not to correct, what to say and when to say it. Those of you who really know me know that I don't have a lot of "dog sense" and that was evident tonight. It was almost like speaking a different language. I think at one point LILLY was certain she would rather have a different mom who truly understood her. However, with Kyria's help we worked through everything that got thrown our way tonight. I feel certain I learned a lot tonight and I know I have a lot more to learn, but at least we are doing this together. For that reason I know LILLY and I will come away from this whole experience with a bond like no other!

Tomorrow is a teacher workday and I have taken the day off. So LILLY and I can simply sit back and recover from our crazy weekend! Have a great night everyone.


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