Monday, March 22, 2010

First Day of School. . . . .

LILLY had her first day of school today! Kyria brought her to my classroom around 11:30. Of course when she walks in things couldn't have been any crazier! We had a class full of kindergartners, one student not feeling well, tons of extra adults, and the list continues. I was so impressed with how she handle all the new things and stress of it all. She did great meeting each one of them and really enjoyed it. :)

Well if I have ever wondered if LILLY liked me I sure found out today! She went nuts when I finally came over to say hello. It was actually a little bit too nuts. We will have to work on that some, but it was nice to know I was loved.

About 1:00 Kyria encouraged me to start the "umbilical cord" process. So for the next two weeks LILLY is attached at my hip-- literally. This experience should be interesting to say the least. I never realized just how much I move until I try to do it with a dog attached to my hip!

Well its off to cook dinner with LILLY. . . . wish me luck!

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