Friday, March 26, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Day 5. . . . .

LILLY's first day at school was wonderful! She did so great. Add ImageJosh absolutely LOVED her being there. He has always loved the dogs, but he seemed to really enjoy LILLY. She is much "softer" than some of the other dogs and I think the kids really appreciated that. They all seemed to enjoy her. I am excited to finish up umbilical cording to see how she really interacts with each kid when she isn't tied to my waist. As you can see from the picture she got right in the ball pool today. There were over 1,000 balls in there and it only took a few times of saying "no" and she left them alone. Today was a half day for students-- we then had a staff development to attend. Our PE teacher walked up to LILLY to say hello a little after the meeting had started. He was dressed in shorts, a bright blue hawaiian shirt, and a huge straw hat-- this was something LILLY really wasn't sure of. She gave a few barks to let me know-- everyone in the staff meeting laughed. After the meeting we went back up and meet the PE teacher again. This time she was fine and sat there to let him pet her.

After school we went to the Shoe Show warehouse sell. LILLY was perfect there. She barely needed any reminders the whole time we were there. We had to sit and wait for some shoes for over 10 minutes and she simply laid at my feet. In my world this was amazing!

Our first trip to the grocery store was a little more challenging. She still did good, but I must learn to give her a little more attention and direction in situations like that. I really didn't even need anything specific at the store I just wanted to go when Kyria was in town to help walk me through the process. :)

Our last adventure of the night was a trip to Red Lobster with The Swiger's and CAYLIE. Let's just say my first restaurant experience had me a little more worried-- and to add to it all we had two dogs to get in the restaurant and under one super small booth. Kyria helped me through it all and this too was also a huge success. LILLY was really excited her other service dog friend CAYLIE decided to join us, but was great about settling down quickly once we got to our seat. After some coaching, I figured out how to get her whole body under the booth we did great. I didn't even think another thing about her being under there. Getting out was no problem even though there were TONS of people waiting in the lobby.

Another great day for us! I must say that I think settling down quickly and simply laying at my feet is one of LILLY's best qualities. As I sit here and type she is directly under my feet sound asleep-- I think we just might have worn her out today!

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