Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am officially a blogger. . . . .

So I must admit I am an avid blog reader. I follow about 23 different blogs and loving reading them each day. However, I really can't believe that I am now going to write my own blog. I mean what do I have to "blog" about. I feel like my life is pretty mundane and normal so what will I have to say to interest anyone?

Well, my attitude towards blogging changed some on Monday night. We had our paws4people of NC meeting at my house, but before the meeting Karen, Jack, and CAYLIE came early to work on some things. It was truly amazing to see Jack and CAYLIE being the bonding process that we all talk about. Jack worked hard to learn to use the balance harness with her. He took several steps only using CAYLIE to lean on. At one point he even walked with CAYLIE into the kitchen and said "Okay I worked for my dinner" He was ready to eat! Karen and Sharon also worked with CAYLIE and Jack on the stairs. This skill seemed a little overwhelming for Jack. He was fearful of going up the stairs using only CAYLIE. CAYLIE did great and worked really hard as Karen, Jack, and Sharon tried to figure out the best way to teach this skill. I feel certain this will come-- just give it some time. All in all it was a great night of watching Jack and CAYLIE begin what will be a lifelong companionship between a boy and his dog.

As most of you know LILLY will soon be coming home to begin her work in my classroom. I have been super patient while waiting on LILLY, but I am just about to burst with excitement! I am sure I will have lots of stories to share on this blog once she is a part of our lives. I just hope she has enough spunk to put our precious little LANIE in her place. Only time will tell. . . . . .

Hope everyone has a great week!