Thursday, March 25, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Day 4. . . . .

Another amazing day with LILLY! I really can't believe how wonderful this whole process has been. LILLY again laid under my feet all day at Teacher of the Year Interviews. You could really tell she was much more at ease with the whole process today. I have often heard people say how they bond with dogs, but I have never really had that experience. I must say that this situation with LILLY just might be a little different. I can already tell our bonding has begun!

After the interviews today I had about 2 hours to come home and work around the house. Poor LILLY just follows me everywhere-- doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, folding clothes, etc. What a trooper!
Then it was off to our fun part of the day! We got to go and babysit precious little Chase. When Allison called to ask if I would mind watching him I was so excited. Of course I said I would love to as long as she didn't mind if I had a dog attached to my hip. Thank goodness Allison is a laid back kind of mom. :) Chase is almost a year old and boy did he enjoy LILLY. I wasn't sure how LILLY would do with an active 11 month old, but yet again she impressed me beyond belief! She was so gentle and good with him. He crawled all over her and she never even moved. Chase then decided it was time to read some books. I thought he wanted me to read to him, but oh no--- as you can see from the first picture Chase wanted to read with LILLY! The only small issue we had was LILLY was truly in awe of all of his toys that made noise and sang. She loved, loved, loved, them! Then it was bath time-- I thought to myself-- how in the world will I bathe a 11 month old with a dog right beside of me! Well it was simple-- LILLY laid down beside of me the whole time I gave Chase a bath. To me that is simply amazing.

Tomorrow will be back in the classroom-- YAY! Should be a fun day. :)

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