Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Days 8 & 9. . . .

We are getting there! Umbilical cording is much harder than I expected. I am very used to doing my own thing each day and having a dog attached to me sure prevents that at times. :)

Yesterday was great. I was off work and basically just hung around the house all day. LILLY loved having a little down time too. I spent most of the morning running around organizing things around the house. Every time LILLY laid down I moved to another room and she had to get up and move with me. At one point yesterday I had all three dogs (LILLY, LANIE, and BRADIE) take a 2 hour nap with me! I was pretty impressed with that. We spent the afternoon exercising-- we met Amy, Alli, and Chase and walked through the park for an hour. LILLY did much better at the park this time. She was totally focused on me and wasn't near as excited this time. Once we got home we then took LILLY and LANIE for a 2 mile walk in the neighborhood. So all in together LILLY walked for 1 1/2 hours yesterday-- she was exhausted last night!

Today was back to work for LILLY and I. She did good running around like crazy with me at school for the morning. There are times you can tell she really wants to stop and interact with the kids, but being attached to me makes that a little more difficult. I will be anxious to see how she interacts with the kids once she is done with the umbilical cording. We had a staff meeting this afternoon and she slept beautifully through the whole thing. Once we got home she "helped" me cook dinner and then it was time to vacuum. I have quickly learned that vacuuming is NOT her favorite activity. She is scared of it and hates to follow me around while I do it. I feel certain she will stay far away from the vacuum once she has a choice. She is now laying at my feet sound asleep. I LOVE HER!!!

On a more serious note please click on the link below to read about another paws4people dog ELLIE and her little girl Amanda. They were kicked out of a store earlier this week and the situation is getting some much needed media attention. YAY for Amanda's mom and fighting for what is right!

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