Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Day 2. . . .

LILLY is GREAT!! When I say great I mean great. Today I had to interview lots of people for the new Teacher of the Year for Cabarrus County. LILLY sat under my feet from 8:00-3:15. Several teachers came and had no idea she was even there! She was so quiet and everyone loved having her there. She has two more days of the interviews so I can only hope that Wednesday and Thursday go just as well. After that long day we ran by both the bank and the post office. We had no issues at all. I couldn't be more proud!

Once we got home I decided to attempt to take LANIE and LILLY for their first walk together by myself. For those of you who know our dear sweet LANIE you realize what a challenge this could be--- but it wasn't at all. Super easy. They walked beautifully together around the neighborhood. Of course we couldn't have a normal walk for our first walk together. We ran into several neighbors (including Justin-- those of you that know him will smile at this). I even stopped to talk for about 10 minutes. LILLY just laid down to wait, while LANIE just stood there. Since their behavior was so good-- they got to play ball for a while when they got back.

To top it all off I also decided to work in the yard some. I don't know if you have ever tried to pull weeds with a dog attached to your waist, but it is a challenge! LILLY wanted to eat every weed I pulled! However, I must take a second to brag on LANIE. While I worked in the yard she stayed on the front porch all by herself for over 30 minutes! Another dog even came out across the street and she just barked. Never broke command. This is HUGE for her!

This has been the best day I have had with my "2" dogs in quite some time. I am interested to see what Day 3 of this process holds. . . . . have a great night everyone!

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