Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LILLY is amazing, wonderful, etc. . . . .

This a picture of Josh and LILLY. Josh absolutely loves everything about LILLY. He just lights up the moment he sees that LILLY is there that day. He would sit and pet her all day if he could. Too cute!

Sorry for the delay in blogging. Getting back to work and in the swing of things has been crazy! The last few days have been really amazing with LILLY. Yesterday at school was so great. She was a natural in my classroom. She acted as if she had been there her whole life. She was so in tune to the kids and their special needs. In my classroom I have two doors-- one to the hallway and one to our playground outside. Yesterday both doors remained open most of the day and LILLY never went out them without being told. My assistants were thrilled with the fact that they got to interact and pet LILLY yesterday. She did great when they would ask her to do something as well. She seems to really work for about anyone who ask her to. I have several pictures to put on the blog from yesterday and I hope to get them up tomorrow. Unfortunately, today I was out of the classroom again for Teacher of the Year stuff. However, it worked out that I was done around lunch today so I came home and got LILLY to go shopping with me. I had a birthday gift I needed to get and thought it would be great training experience for LILLY. We spent over an hour in Marshalls and LILLY did great! I was so impressed with her. She walked right beside the cart and was really focused on what I was doing. (Probably because she was afraid I was going to step on her again.) The only thing we need to figure out is where she needs to go when I pay-- I couldn't quite get that down today. She wanted to stand and try to back away from the counter when I needed her closer to get everything out of the cart and get it paid for. Overall it was a great trip. I seem to get a little more comfortable each time we go out together.

More pictures to come tomorrow. . . . . .

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