Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last day of umbilical cording!!

I am so happy to report that this is our last day of umbilical cording and boy am I excited! It has been a true learning experience for me and for that I am very grateful, but I will be so happy to allow LILLY to be a more normal dog for a few days. Today was very low key and relaxing. I love Easter at the beach with my family. We just spent the day on the beach, eating a great lunch, and hanging out. We took both dogs for a long walk. LILLY did great and Paul did great working with LANIE. LANIE still struggles on the beach-- she is so focused on the birds she really can't get her mind to settle down at all.

I can't wait to write tomorrow and let you know how our day goes as a normal dog!! I can't thank everyone enough for listening to my stories about our last 14 days umbilical corded together! LILLY is a great dog and my love for her grows each day! THANK YOU paws4people-- I am forever grateful.

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