Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Special Olympics. . . . .

Our group at the 2010 Special Olympics. LILLY did so great on her first trip to Special Olympics.
Us being introduced at the 2010 Spring Games!
Posing for a quick photo before the games begin!
Shakira and LILLY has some true bonding time on the ride over. :)

Last Thursday was my favorite day of the whole year-- Special Olympics!! I am certain that Special Olympics was one of the main reasons I became a EC Teacher. Most of you who know me know that I am NOT at all competitive when it comes to much of anything, however a whole other side comes out when it is Special Olympics. My kids will take home a medal each year--I make sure of it. :)

Special Olympics was a big test for LILLY and she did great! On the ride over to the games she was in the back seat with Shakira, Tara, and Ms. Flossie. As you can see from the picture she spent most of the ride sitting on Shakira's leg. Shakira thought this was absolutely hilarious! LILLY did really well at the games. Of course she was the center of attention for most of the day and she handled the pressure quite well. She had TONS of kids approaching from all different angles dying to pet her. She loved the attention. I must admit there was one event that proved to be rather difficult-- the tennis ball throw! LILLY was certain each kid was throwing the ball for her to get. It was pretty funny.

LILLY was absolutely exhausted when we got back from our trip. She crashed for the afternoon. It was so neat to get to take her with us on our favorite trip of the year. :)

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