Saturday, April 3, 2010

Umbilical Cording- Day 13. . . . .

What a wonderful day we had on the beach today! LILLY is a great beach dog for. We took a long walk this morning and then spent the entire rest of the day on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect. As you can see from the pictures LILLY laid right with me all day as I read, slept, and just rested. It was perfect. I thought it would be much harder to be umbilical corded to her on the beach, but it really wasn't that bad at all. It is hard to figure out where to attach the leash with a bathing suit on though :)

Tomorrow is our last day of umbilical cording and I am so excited to actually get to see her and LANIE actually get to interact, play, and learn to love each other. Happy Easter everyone!

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